J.D. Angle

J.D. Angle, the youngest of eight children, learned how to be persuasive, how to strategize and how to count votes at an early age. Today J.D. leverages those same skills as a Partner in Angle Mastagni Mathews Political Strategies. Committed to the power of full partnership with his clients, J.D. enjoys most working with first time candidates and training new political activists. J.D. has provided strategic direction and operational supervision for hundreds of political phone programs as well as served as a strategic consultant for several 527s, political action committees and candidate campaigns from city council to President.

J.D. enjoys making friends who care about their community and make a difference. First active in politics in high school, J.D. helped pass a bond election for a new high school and even skipped class to see Geraldine Ferraro, the first female Vice Presidential candidate. Before graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, J.D. already had five years of professional campaign experience in county, U.S. Senate and presidential elections.

J.D. went on to serve in his native backyard, Fort Worth, as Executive Director of the Tarrant County Democratic Party. From there, he joined a national targeting and voter contact firm as its Vice President, where he served until March of 2009. During his tenure, J.D. consulted in every Democratic Presidential election from 1996 to 2008 as well as with campaigns and committees at all levels in 47 states. In 2008, J.D., along with current partners Danee Mastagni and Jennifer Mathews, helped elect President Barack Obama, several members of the U.S. House and Senate, and legislative candidates all over the nation. J.D. served as the General Consultant for the Wendy Davis for Texas Senate campaign and helped defeat a 20 year incumbent legislator in the first Democratic victory in the state senate in more than a decade.

In 2009, J.D. created the partnership of Angle Mastagni Mathews Political Strategies, LLC with political veterans, Danee Mastagni and Jennifer Mathews after the longtime colleagues left the Tyson Organization. The firm’s client services include comprehensive and integrated telephone communication, peer to peer communication, campaign planning, organizational capacity building and public affairs management.

J.D. is honored to serve on the board of Directors of Equality Texas, Equality Texas Foundation, Victory Fund Campaign Board and the Texas Lyceum and as a member of National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preservation Texas, Historic Fort Worth, Q Cinema, Stonewall Democrats and Human Rights Campaign.

J.D. and his husband of 16 years, Joel Burns, share a 1921 Arts and Craft bungalow with family and friends as often as possible. Joel is a residential realtor and a member of the Fort Worth City Council.

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